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• Printed on a black, 50% cotton, 50% polyester pullover hoodie
• Printed with soft hand gold shimmer ink
• Custom printed neck/size tag
• Shoulder to shoulder taping
• Double needle stitching through out

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44 reviews for GOOD GAME HOODIE (BLACK)

  1. Lars Strandheim

    Techno you will allways have a space in my heart i promise!

  2. Toby

    Gonna miss you big man, thank you for everything.

  3. Axel

    good things don’t happen to heroes – Technoblade

  4. AntRox

    U will be always my favorite video maker. I bought this to have a nice menory with you. Rest In Peace.

  5. Vera

    Technoblade helped me through so much stuff i just bought the merch to remember him💛😕

  6. Ksawery

    we all love you technoblade, make them regret taking you away

  7. NaKi

    Blood for the Blood God!

  8. Isaac

    Love u thecno fly high. “Thecno never dies”

  9. Santi Spaan Strik

    Haven’t gotten jet but I can tell I’ll love it “tecnoblade never dies”

  10. degooferzYT

    I heard someone say techno is cracking jokes in the grave, it is so true lol

  11. Christopher Esquivel

    I love you Technoblade, I’m gonna miss you!

  12. Jake

    We love you techno!

  13. Viktor

    “Technoblade never dies” has a completely new meaning now, his memory will live on forever. Even though Alexander is not with us anymore, the tale of Technoblade will always be around. Rest In Peace Techno.

  14. ev0lriddick


  15. Theotherguydd (verified owner)

    Technoblade Never Dies In My Heart

  16. Max

    Godspeed Techno we all loved you ledge s never die 🫡

  17. NoahColl29

    Y’all. This hoodie is Techno’s message to God. GGs. Techno beat God.

  18. Kaitlynn

    Rest easy king… we will continue to forever love and truly miss you. o7 💜

  19. Accursed

    HE REALLY WAS THE SENSEI rip Technoblade o7

  20. Cam

    I’ll miss you techno you got me throught so much that you don’t even know about! I hope your happy wherever you are right now!! <3

  21. Mario fortin

    “Technoblade never dies” in our hearts…rest in peace king

  22. Technoblade never dies

    Well all miss you technoblade technoblade never dies now give cancer a kick in the nuts for me

  23. Frikazee

    Rest well big man, just put in the order to show my support. We will miss you. o7 <3

  24. Kevin

    Keep your head up king…your the reason I didn’ die miss you <<33

  25. Kayli Miles

    I never watched Technoblade but he meant so much to my best friend and I knew that. When she told me he died I felt so bad, now I want to buy this hoodie in loving memory of Alex “Technoblade”. Technoblade never dies. God new it was his time, it was for a good reason. I know how hard this is but rest in peace King 👑. We love you. ❤️

  26. Aralynn

    Even though Alex passed, Techno never will. We all die, the goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will – Chuck Palahniuk. And Alex created something, Technoblade Fly High Alex 🐷👑⚔❤❤

  27. Riley

    “The cancer dies when techno died so it was a draw. Techno has never lost a fight”

  28. Molly Ross

    Thank you Techno for everything you’ve done and continue to do <3 You will always continue to live on in all of our hearts, and I only hope to contain a small part of your legacy. TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!!! <3

  29. Ben

    Forever living in our hearts and on this amazing hoodie. Techoblade never dies. F.

  30. Nicholas

    i miss you techno. now go on and take the kingdom of god!!

  31. Oliver

    Fly high Techno, Technoblade never dies

  32. Lilly

    Not even close baby! Technoblade never dies!

  33. Heidi marie slater

    We will miss you big guy, you have always been my favorite content creator and when I figured out that you had cancer I cried so, so hard. Then “so long nerds” came out I was DEVASTATED!! I was crying on my floor for hours I haven’t smiled since then… You will always be in everyone’s heart. Technoblade never dies…

  34. Heidi marie slater

    Technoblade we will all miss you big guy, you have always been my favorite content creator and when I figured out that you had cancer I cried so, so hard. Then “so long nerds” came out I was DEVASTATED!! I was crying on my floor for hours I haven’t smiled since then… You will always be in everyone’s heart, and especially mine.. Technoblade never dies…

  35. Caden (verified owner)

    You’ll live on through all of us king❤️ Technoblade never dies.

  36. ray

    You did not lose your battle with cancer, instead you had a duel because Tecnoblade never dies. I’m gonna miss you technoblade o7.

  37. Sydney

    Techno my be gone on earth but Technoblade never does in any of are ❤️. Fly high thecno I know you will definitely defeat god. Miss you ever day.

  38. Rae (verified owner)

    Gonna miss you sm Techno, Rest easy King. o7 <3

  39. 2Stone

    I haven’t gotten mine yet but I can tell I’m gonna LOVE it. Fly high, king. If and hopefully when I become a known streamer and SOMEONE asks who my inspo was, I’m gonna say TECHNOBLADE.

  40. Eli

    I’ve always really enjoyed your content. you will be greatly missed. Defeat god for us king o7

  41. Meowster

    I will miss you man

  42. Meowster

    I am going to miss you man you a legend rip technoblade

  43. Techno fan

    Missing you rn 🙁 why at of all people was it you :/ f cancer

  44. Venus Lindsey

    This hoodie is so soft and warm and comfortable. I would recommend it to everyone. Techno dude you were my favorite creator and I hope you live the very best life with who ever is up there. You can relax now king you did well.

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